Opiate Course

Sunday, November 10, 2019

06.45-07.45 AM

Registration & Breakfast

07.45-08.00 AM

Welcome Remarks
Sudhir Diwan, MD, Scott Woska, MD, Christopher Gharibo, MD

Good Medicine (08.00-10.00 AM)

Moderator: Vinay Puttanniah, MD

08.00-08.20 AM

Pharmacology of opioids, side effects and overdose
Vinay Puttanniah, MD

08.20-08.40 AM

Opioids in chronic pain: A “gold standard” analgesic
Karina Gritsenko, MD

08.40-09.00 AM

Epidural and Intrathecal opioids
Sean LI, MD

09.10-09.30 AM

Opioid prescriptions practice: ASIPP /CDC guidelines
Kiran Patel, MD

09.30-10.00 AM

Interactive panel discussion and Q&A
All faculty


Coffee break

Bad Medicine (10.30 AM -12.30 PM)

Moderator: Andrew Kaufman, MD

10.30-11.00 AM

Long acting vs. short acting and tamperproof preparations
Christopher Gharibo, MD

11.00-11.30 AM

Difficult patient on chronic opioid therapy
Sudhir Diwan

11.30-12.00 AM

Addiction, Tolerance and physical dependency
Andrew Kaufman, MD

12.00-12.30 PM

Interactive panel discussion and Q & A
All faculty

12.30-1.30 PM

Luncheon Symposium: Industry Sponsored
This session is not eligible for CME credit hours

Ugly Medicine (1.30-3.30 PM)

Moderator: Brian Durkin, DO

1.30-2.00 PM

Legal consequences, DEA monitoring and “red flags”
Brian Durkin, DO

2.00-2.30 PM

Monitoring and Documentation for Prescription Practice
Neel Mehta, MD

2.30-3.00 PM

Opioids Crisis: Drug diversion, abuse and deaths
Hans Hansen, MD

3.00-3.30 PM

Legalized Marijuana and Opioids: Deadly Crossroads
Andrew Kaufman, MD

3.30-4.00 PM

Interactive Panel Discussion, and Q & A
All faculty

4.00 PM

Thank you: Meeting Adjourns
Sudhir Diwan, MD
Scott Woska, MD
Christopher Gharibo, MD