Cadaver / Ultrasound Workshop

Cadaver Workshop – Sunday, November 10 (8.00 AM – 12 PM)
Mount Sinai, New York (bus transfer is provided)


Sudhir Diwan, MD
Christopher Gharibo, MD
Karina Gritsenko, MD
Yury Khelemsky, MD
Scott Woska, MD


Doug Beall, MD
Aaron Calodney, MD
Kenneth B. Chapman, MD
Saurabh Dang, MD
Miles Day, MD
Sudhir Diwan, MD
Christopher Gharibo, MD
Youseff Josephson, MD
Leonardo Kapural, MD, PhD
Andrew Kaufman, MD
Sean Li, MD
Neel Mehta, MD
Jeffrey Petersohn, MD
Dawood Sayed, MD
Harry Sukumaran, MD
Scott Woska, MD


  • Vertebral Augmentation
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation – SPR Therapeutics
  • Advanced Head and Neck Procedures
  • RFA of the Knees and Hips Joints – Coolief – Avanos
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation – Bioness
  • Percutaneous Sacral Fusion
  • Interspinous Spacer – Superion
  • Percutaneous Image-Guided Lumbar Decompression (MILD) (Vertos)
  • Bone Marrow Harvesting, Platelet Rich Harvesting, Apex Biologix

Ultrasound Workshop – Sunday, November 10 (1.00-5.00 PM)
Hyatt Regency Jersey City


Steve Aydin, DO
George Chang-Chien, MD


Steve Aydin, DO
George Chang-Chien, MD
Gerry DeGregoris, MD
Brian Durkin, DO
Amit Gulati, MD
Charles de Oliviera, MD
Agnes Stogicza, MD

Station 1 – Live models

Head, Neck, and Chest Imaging – Occipital Nerve/Stellate Ganglion
Goals: Occipital Nerve/Stellate Ganglion/Intercostal Nerve

Station 2 – Live models

Lower Extremity/Lumbar Spine Imaging
Goals: Sacroiliac Join Imaging, Knee Imaging, Hip Imaging

Station 3 – Live models

Upper Extremity
Goals: Shoulder Imaging (Rotator Cuff, Biceps Tendon, Glenoihumeral Joint, AC Joint), Carpal Tunnel/Wrist Imaging, Elbow Imaging

No CME credit hours available for these sessions.